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World Forestry Day

In November 1971, at the request of the European Confederation of Agriculture, FAO'S member governments supported the annual observance of 21 March as World Forestry Day. Since then many nations have adopted this practice. In schools and public buildings in Nigeria, World Forestry Day posters appeared calling attention to "Our Forest Heritage." In the United States, a presidential proclamation marked World Forestry Day as part of a week of activities and ceremonies about the role of the forest and forestry in every man's life. In Australia, a national committee representing states, territories, universities and timber producers launched a campaign which included distribution of free booklets (Forests are forever; Forestry, the environmentally compatible industry) and a 15-minute television film. In multilingual Switzerland, the press, radio and television, encouraged and assisted by the information services of the state forest service, described in French, German and Italian the important role played by forests and forestry in the economy, in the protection and conservation of the environment, and in the mountain heritage and culture of the Swiss people.