Promotional event held in Strumica as part of the national campaign for promotion of inclusive water management

The Centre for Environmental Democracy Florozon and the Organizations of Consumers of Republic of Macedonia in cooperation with the Citizens Association UTRO from Novo Selo, as part of the national campaign for promotion of inclusive water management, held a regional promotional event on September 21st, starting at 13:00 at the center of Strumica. This event was organized in the framework of the project “Citizens as active partner in water policy reform”, financed by the European Union.

The goal of the promotional campaign is to raise the awareness among citizens and other societal stakeholders about the importance of goof practices when managing water resources, as well as pointing the need for increased representation of citizens and citizen associations in the reform process for the water policies. The campaign promotes the implemented project activities and presents the possibilities for participation of the public when creating and implementing local policies for managing the water resources.

The citizens of Strumica, the media, the citizens’ organizations were closely introduced with the project’s activities, the creation of the National hydro network, with the right of participation of citizens and organizations in the creation of the price of water as well as the reforms in the water policies and the manner of practising that right.



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