Kick-off meeting

А kick-off meeting was held on January 31st at the EU Info Center for the winners of the Grant Scheme “Strengthening the impact of the civil society in effective justice sector reforms“. Florozon – Centre for Environmental Democracy was among the six present grant winners, with the project “Equal Access for Effective Justice”, with duration of 24 months. On the project “Equal Access for Effective Justice” Florozon is cooperating with a co-application from Hungary – EMLA (Environmental Management and Law Association). The project was presented with its general and specific goals in front of the Minister of Justice Renata Deskoska, a representative from EU Delegation – Freek Janmaat and the Head of Department of EU and IPA Coordinator – Frosina Tasevska. Numerous organizations from the non-governmental sector were present at the event, as well as representatives from the relevant ministries and the European Delegation.

The overall objective of the project is to contribute towards creation of independent, impartial, efficient, quality and transparent judiciary, responsible for protection of individual rights and freedoms of citizens, thereby enabling protection of the public interest. The specific goals include:

•    Building an effective system of legal help in the country
•    Increasing the existing capacities of the civil society organizations and the relevant institution representatives on environmental law and free legal aid opportunities
•    Enabling inter-sectorial and multi-stakeholder cooperation based on partnership and networking vis-à-vis the judicial reform for free legal aid
•    Providing enabling environment for the marginalized groups
•    Raising the awareness of the public on the right on environmental justice and existing legal remedying mechanisms i.e. free legal aid mechanism

After the presentation by the grant winners about their projects, a short introduction by representatives from relevant institutions followed, and they responded to frequently asked questions in relation to the project management.


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