Meeting with the Committee on transport, communication and ecology and the Association of citizens Florozon

On Tuesday, 26th of March, 2019 the project team of CED Florozon, during the implementation of the project “Equal access for effective justice" financed by the European Union, held a meeting with the Committee on transport, communications and ecology, in the Assembly of the Republic of North Macedonia, as relevant stakeholders in the decision making processes for the environmental policies.

The meeting was moderated by the President of the Committee, Liljana Zaturovska, with other present members: Kostadin Acevski, Miroslav Jovanovikj, Dime Velkovski, Slagjana Mitovska, Nikola Micevski and Agim Murtezanov. The MP Stojan Milanov also expressed interest to join the meeting. The project team of CED Florozon was consisted of: Kiril Ristovski, Biljana Matevska and Angela Dimeska. The project team presented the mission and the goals of the Centre for Environmental Democracy Florozon, focusing on the ongoing project “Equal access for effective justice" financed by the European Union. The need of interpersonal cooperation was emphasized at the meeting, as well as the need of future cooperation in the process of creation of environmental policies. The conclusions from the first meeting of the National Coordinative Body, within the aforementioned project’s framework were presented, as well as the importance of the networking and inter-sectorial cooperation between the civil society and the relevant state stakeholders.

The Law on free legal aid was also discussed at the meeting, including the existing legal mechanisms for access to environmental justice, as well as suggested changes and additions to the working draft version of the respective Law. In this context, the need of inclusion of the area of environment among the areas prescribed in the Law was emphasized, as well as the incorporation of group complaints within it, especially in the area of protection of the right to a healthy environment, without changing the criteria and treating every member of the complaint as if natural person according to the already established criteria.

The president of the Committee, Liljana Zaturoska and the members Kostadin Acevski, Dime Velkovski and Slagjana Mitovska took an active part in the discussion with personal opinions and suggestions, which contributed to the conclusions for future participation of the Committee in the National Coordinative Body and potential organization of public debate, in which the team of CED Florozon will take part.


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