Our projects and their impact on environment

2011 - Norwegian Embassy Skopje

Name of project: Greening Macedonian Justice

The main aim of the project is to strengthen the judicial system, the rule of law and democratization processes in Macedonia by building the capacities of the representatives of the Office of the Ombudsman and the Civil Society Organizations in environmental justice. The project is financing the printing of a manual which explains the citizens' environmental rights, the competences and obligations of the Ombudsman's office vis-a-vis environmental matters and the process of lodging complaints with the office of the Ombudsman. The project is also planned to deliver training sessions for representatives of the offices of the ombudsman and civil society organizations.
2010-2011 - City of Skopje
2009-2010 - US Embassy Skopje
2008-2010 - World Resurce Institute-USA/World Bank
2009-2010 - International Budget Partnership - IBP
2009-2010 - Norwegian Embassy Skopje
2009 - German Embassy Skopje
2009 - European ECO Bureau - Brussels
2006-2008 - British Embassy Skopje/ DEFRA UK
2007 - Norwegian Embassy Skopje
2005 - DEFRA - The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Headquarter address:
Vizbegovo str.2/46
1000 Skopje,
Executive office address:
Vostanicka str.4, 3rd floor
1000 Skopje,

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