Environment and governance

When it comes to clean and healthy environment, governance plays the most important role, by the action of creating and implementing policies. In this sense, CED Florozon aims to advocate progressive environmental policies that will improve the situation on field and will contribute towards the wellbeing of the people.

Legislation and EU Acquis

As in previous years, CED Florozon will continue lobbying for improvement of legislative framework, with an emphasis on environmental matters. The three pillars of the Aarhus Convention (access to information, participation in decision-making processes and access to justice) will continue to be in the main focus of Florozon’s work, due to the fact that RNM has yet to work on implementation of this Convention which was ratified 20 years ago. Moreover, as the country walks the Euro-Atlantic path, transposition of EU legal regulation still remains one of the top priorities, thus CED Florozon will aim to participate in this process and provide aid to the relevant stakeholders with the goal to adapt the proper environmental policies and therefore – the proper environmental legal framework.

Policy Analysis

Any fuel whose energy is derived from biological carbon fixation is called a biofuel. The production of liquid fuels from grains, oil seeds, straw and wood as well as those materials themselves are the basic biofuels. The liquids are often called bioethanol and biodiesel and can be used to power transportation such as buses.

Rule of Law

The crucial activities that need to be worked upon and improved, are inspections and enforcement in a broader sense, with a special emphasis on the law enforcement. As stated in several recent reports by the EU Commission, and as seen from the actual situation, in many areas there are good laws adopted or being adopted as we speak. However, implementation and enforcement remain to be the weak spot. CED Florozon has been aiming to improve the situation throughout its project work and will continue to do so in future. The fundamental mission of the organization is to promote environmental democracy and unfortunately, environmental democracy is impossible without rule of law, which is why CED Florozon specifically aims for progress and improvement in this regard.



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