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2018-2020 - Equal Access for Effective Justice

Name of project: Equal Access for Effective Justice (2018-2020)

Donor: Central Financing and Contracting Department - Ministry of Finance, through the grant scheme “Strengthening the impact of the civil society in effective justice sector reforms” EuropeAid/159467/ID/ACT/MK

Implementer: Florozon – Centre for Environmental Democracy and EMLA (Environmental Management and Law Association)

Overall objective:

The project overall objective is to give a contribution towards creation of an independent, impartial, efficient, quality and transparent judiciary, responsible for the protection of individual rights and freedoms of thee citizens, thereby to enable appropriate protection of the public interest. на јавниот интерес

Specific goals:

  • To contribute to the building of an effective legal aid system in the country;
  • To increase the existing capacities of the civil society organizations and the relevant institution representatives on environmental law and free legal aid opportunities;
  • To enable inter-sectorial and multi-stakeholder cooperation based on partnership and networking vis-à-vis the judicial reform for free legal aid;
  • To provide the enabling environment for the marginalized groups;

To raise the awareness of the public on the right on environmental justice and existing legal remedying mechanisms i.e. free legal aid mechanism.

2018 - Healthy Environment for Healthy Employees
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2012-2013 - Project title: Improvement of the Environmental Legal Framework in the Field of Water Supply Consumer Right in the Republic of Macedonia
2012-2013 - Improving of the living conditions in the Institute for Rehabilitation of Children and Youths with Special Needs in Skopje (IRCYSN)
2009-2010 - US Embassy Skopje
2008-2010 - World Resurce Institute-USA/World Bank
2010-2011 - City of Skopje
2009-2010 - International Budget Partnership - IBP
2011 - Norwegian Embassy Skopje
2009-2010 - Norwegian Embassy Skopje
2006-2008 - British Embassy Skopje/ DEFRA UK
2009 - German Embassy Skopje
2009 - European ECO Bureau - Brussels
2007 - Norwegian Embassy Skopje
2005 - DEFRA - The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs


Headquarter address:

Vizbegovo str.2/46
1000 Skopje,


Executive office address:

Vostanicka 2/7, 3rd floor,
1000 Skopje, Macedonia

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